From Original Condition to Record Breaking Sales Price | How We Did It

From Original Condition to Record Breaking Sales Price | How We Did It



The Makeover Plan

Before hitting the market, the owners of 263 Moreton Bay Ln unit 5 had plans to renovate. With a condo in original 60’s condition, they needed help making decisions for the 2024 buyer. With strong relationships in the construction industry, Abel Ramos was brought in by the hired contractor. Abel has seen it all and knows where to spend and where to save for the biggest return on investment. From essential upgrades like adding AC to convenient changes like indoor laundry, every upgrade was carefully chosen to make this condo shine.


Spreading the Word

While the hammers were swinging, Abel and Jackie began crafting the marketing. They wanted to show off the condo's new look and all its updated features. It was also important to feature all the amenities of Encina Royale. Enlisting one of their best photographers, they teamed up to orchestrate personalized listing pictures, a listing video, a marketing video with guided voiceover and drone footage. Think sleek, modern, and totally Instagram-worthy. This unit was going to be a special opportunity and the marketing had to show that to potential buyers. 


Finding the Right Match

With a newly renovated condo, in a prime location, it was important to show potential buyers what a great buy this unit would be. The first weekend open house was heavily marketed to the community. Stocked with data, construction information and a detailed upgrades list, everyone who visited said it was a fantastic unit. 

By the second open house, there was already an offer. Enter the buyers—a couple who'd been on the hunt for their dream home for what felt like forever. They took one look at the renovated condo and knew they'd found the one. In this situation, Jackie took representation of the buyers while Abel took representation of the sellers. Thanks to the marketing insights provided at the open house, they understood this was their opportunity, so they worked with Jackie to put together an offer that sealed the deal.


Smooth Sailing, Despite Challenges

Sure, there were some hurdles along the way—insurance headaches, vesting changes—but nothing that threatened the sale. Abel and Jackie tackled each issue head-on, keeping the lines of communication open and the deal on track.


The Big Finish

In just two weeks, the ink dried on the deal, making everyone involved very happy campers. The sellers got the price they wanted and set the record for upper units in the community while the buyers snagged their dream home—a win-win for all.

In the end, the journey of turning an old condo into a modern marvel isn't just about making a buck—it's about transforming lives and reshaping communities, one property at a time. Cheers to that!


If you're considering a renovation but need advice on the best use of your time and energy for resale, schedule a no-obligation consultation today! 


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