10 Days, $365,000 Over Asking | The Story of 30 Fairwood Lane

10 Days, $365,000 Over Asking | The Story of 30 Fairwood Lane


Join us as we delve into the case study of how we sold this Santa Barbara gem for a staggering $365k over the asking price in just 10 days.


The Backstory:

After a few years of calling Fairwood Lane home, our clients went through some big life-changes and made the bittersweet decision to relocate as a family out of state. Though reluctant to part with their beloved property, practicality prevailed, and they entrusted us with the task of selling their cherished home.


Understanding Client Needs:

Our initial focus was not just on their selling goals but on understanding their unique situation. With a new home already awaiting them in another state, the clients needed a seamless process. To limit stress and provide a seamless experience, we handled everything from overseeing pre-listing projects to managing left-over furniture. 


Strategic Planning:

Listing at the end of the year historically trends towards a long time on market as people are traveling and focused on the holidays. We were also listing during the slowest year in two decades so having a comprehensive plan was our main goal. Starting with a design consultation with our interior designers. After receiving their feedback, we opted to paint the interior, resurface the tile and wood flooring, and professionally stage the home. Coordinating with ongoing cabinet projects, we took the lead in managing contractors and ensuring a flawless execution over the next two months. 


Pricing Precision:

Crafting a competitive pricing strategy was next on our agenda. Beyond the usual data and comps analysis, we factored in buyer sentiment and market demand specific to the El Cielito neighborhood in Santa Barbara. Putting the property on private exclusive for our real estate network allowed for valuable feedback as well as pre-market marketing. 


Marketing Magic:

In today's competitive market, anticipation is key. Our marketing arsenal included three videographers(and drone), professional photography, and engaging social media content creation. From private exclusivity within our network to mailing postcards and personal invitations to the local community, we left no stone unturned in creating a buzz around Fairwood Lane.


Premier Open House:

Highlighting the property's best features, we organized a Twilight Premier Open House, showcasing the breathtaking backyard setting at sunset. Complete with live music, a bartender serving cocktails, and a Mediterranean spread. The event created an atmosphere for potential buyers to truly envision their future in the home.


Success in 48 Hours:

Our strategic planning and meticulous execution paid off, with the Twilight Premier Open House leading to multiple offers within 48 hours. We secured an incredible buyer, turning the event into a resounding success for our clients. Meeting the buyer at the event added a personal touch, reinforcing the belief that Fairwood Lane had found its perfect match.


Exceeding Expectations:

In a market with a 20-year low in sales volume, this success is a testament to our dedication and unique strategies. Fairwood Lane has become a testament to what unique, strategic planning creates. 

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